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Building Stewardship

For Epworth, it has always been important to steward the building God has blessed up with and honor the expectation that it is used for His purposes.  Our goal is to glorify God's goodness by opening the building as much as possible to strengthen the Body of Christ through fine arts. The following list covers all the things happening at Epworth:

Riverbrass Band - rehearsals each Wednesday night

Riverbrass Jr. Band - rehearsals during school year on Thursday night

The Foundry - Beauty and the Beast this fall, a summer play and storage of items saved from the fire

Girl Scouts - 3 different troops meet at Epworth monthly

Evansville Christian School - We host four classes each day including Choir, Band and Electronic Music.  We host monthly chapel for the high school, the fall play, NHS inductions, spelling bees, and various other events as needed.

Green River Kiwanis - This group meets weekly on Wednesday mornings and includes both in person and Zoom participation.